MAHAINA Aesthetic Salon


ホテルマハイナウェルネスリゾート ☎ 0120-081-715

ホテルマハイナウェルネスリゾート(HOTEL MAHAINA)


ホテルマハイナエステサロンご予約お問合わせ 内線340
営業時間15時~22時 最終受付21時





HOTEL MAHAINA Aesthetic Salon【Open 15:00 Close 22:00 Last Orders: 21:00】Call 340
・Our operation is Reservations first
・Please be advised that only facial massage is available if you are pregnant.
・The time posted on the menu include the time for treatment and chage of clothes.
・Please leave your valuables at home/hotels. Also please be advised that we are not responsible for any loss or stolen items.
・We may ask you to chage the menu or may not be able to give you treatmemt depending on your skin, health conditions.
・Please come to our saloon at least 30 min after the meal if you sign up for body massage.
・Please be advised that you may be asked to change the menu or may not be able to receive the treatment if you are late for appointment.